As well as being an active performer, Rachael also relishes the challenges and joys which come from teaching.  She has experience teaching in a classroom setting as well giving private tuition in voice and basic piano. Rachael has taught children and adults with varying abilities and goals, along with providing guidance in different styles of music and singing.

She has held positions as a private voice teacher in the UK and USA with organizations including London Music Center and Coppell Conservatory School of Music in Coppell, Texas.

During her time in London she was a Creative Mentor with the Creative Mentors Foundation. The charity placed Rachael in St Marylebone School where she provided classroom assistance in music lessons, focusing on children with special needs including dyslexia and autism. This position proved to be one of the most rewarding experiences she has had as teacher.

Below are testimonials from past private voice and beginner piano students:

“I am delighted to write this testimony for Ms. Rachael, my daughter Aanya’s first vocal teacher. When Aanya was just 7 years old, she embarked on her musical journey under the guidance of Ms. Rachael. Little did we know that this would be the beginning of an incredible transformation for Aanya as a singer.

Under Ms. Rachael’s tutelage, Aanya blossomed into an amazing singer. Her dedication, patience, and passion for music were evident in every lesson. Ms. Rachael’s teaching style was not only effective but also nurturing, allowing Aanya to explore her vocal abilities and develop her unique sound.

Recently, Aanya participated in the prestigious International Youth Music Competition and emerged as the winner, earning first prize with honors. This remarkable achievement would not have been possible without the exceptional teaching and guidance of Ms. Rachael. Her expertise and unwavering support played a pivotal role in shaping Aanya’s talent and preparing her for such a significant competition.

Ms. Rachael’s polite and patient demeanor created a comfortable and encouraging learning environment for Aanya. She always went the extra mile to ensure that Aanya understood the nuances of each song and technique. Her passion for music was infectious, inspiring Aanya to strive for excellence and explore her full potential as a singer.

Aanya misses Ms. Rachael dearly and cherishes the time they spent together. She often expresses her desire to continue learning from her in the future. Ms. Rachael’s impact on Aanya’s musical journey is immeasurable, and we are forever grateful for her guidance and mentorship.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Rachael as a vocal teacher. Her expertise, passion, and dedication are unparalleled. She has not only transformed Aanya into an exceptional singer but has also instilled in her a deep love and appreciation for music. We are immensely grateful for the positive influence Ms. Rachael has had on Aanya’s life and musical career.’’

Mayanka Malkan, Father of Aanya Malkan, Former Student

“Amazing teacher; on top of keyboard her vocal practice helped our son to sing and play piano .. this is much appreciated and they way she took the lessons are great. Keep up the great work Ms. Rachael. thank you for teaching our son and miss you a lot.. take care”

Yadavan Yuvaraja, Former Student

“Hello Ms Rachael, You have been an AMAZING teacher this past year, and I’m so grateful. I have learned so much through these classes, and greatly improved my singing skills. I have really enjoyed the classes, the songs, and getting to know you. Thank you for everything!”

Sahana Kumar, Former Student

“Thank you for being my voice teacher in the starting journey of my musical life.”

Evah, Former Student

“Our lessons have been insightful, stimulating, and a lot of fun! I’m grateful my vocal journey has crossed paths with you and your magnificent voice. My own voice feels so much more comfortable and I understand it a lot more now since I started as your student. I appreciate you lots. Looking forward to the summer lessons!!”

Salvatore Zanelli, Former Student

“Singing lessons with Rachael were always a complete joy. Her dedication and passion for her art form was truly inspirational.”

Moe Faulkner, Former Student

“My daughter had singing lessons with Rachael for about 3 months and within that time, she really made Daisy shine. Her confidence grew more and more each lesson with the praise that Rachael gave. She also showed her how to do breathing exercises which helped her achieve notes that she couldn’t reach before.  Daisy learnt the basics of playing a keyboard and continues to play to this day thanks to her wonderful tutor. Rachael is so lovely and friendly and really made myself and my daughter feel at ease. I would strongly recommend Rachael to any parent who is thinking of singing lessons for their children and I wish her every success for her future.”

Lisa Blackshaw, Mother of Daisy Blackshaw, Former Student

”Rachael’s expert knowledge of the classical repertoire was evident when she selected a song that fit my daughter’s vocal range and helped her score well in the Wisconsin Solo and Ensemble Competition.”

Inna Larsen, Mother of Kari Larsen, Former Student

”Rachael has helped me so much! She is a very talented and patient teacher who has helped me become a better singer. I’ve learned so many vocal techniques from her that I will carry on for the rest of my singing career. I definitely recommend her!”

Kari Larsen, Former Student